High level coaching


High Level Coaching

The top athlete must be the best performer in his sport, if he wants to be in the best. He must master at best his specific but he must also interact on his physiology, his physique, his psychological and his environment, to be the best, the world number 1. That's what makes all the difference of those who are world champions.

The performance coach is the key partner in the success of the athlete by enabling him to achieve true success. Through active listening, targeted questioning, he will analyze the sport as a whole as well as its brakes, its resistance, in all areas, which can influence its performance. This transactional analysis will make it possible to act on all the elements by activating them in the best way. The most important resistances can be suppressed at the beginning to have quick results and to put in trust, but sometimes a small resistance will have more influence in the long term. The performance coach knows how to act in the right order and make the right choice to achieve success.

Planning is a powerful tool put in place by the performance coach. It is fundamental to know the high periods and the low periods of the athlete to manage and set up the specific sports programs, the physical preparations, the phases of recovery, the most relevant physiological improvements. Anchoring and visualization are strong tools for mental preparation that will bring maximum power to athletes. The performance coach can remove fears and work optimally on the physical and psychological preparation to put in place. The performance coach can bring his expertise, in competition or in training to go further in the progression of the athlete. He may have to analyze, a posteriori, the competitions, the training by complete debriefing and constructive on video. He is a true conductor who coordinates the best experts in their field with the same objective of athlete performance. The performance coach gives the rules to follow for the specific coach, the physical trainer, the osteopath, the nutritionist, the naturopath, the physiotherapist, the doctor, the sophrologist .... to achieve excellence

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